Using Archives: Visiting the V&A (by Abra & Merle Hunt)

On one of the first warm days of the year we made the one and a half hour journey into London to visit the Victoria and Albert museum in the name of research. These days the word research mostly conjures … Continue reading

THE LIGHTED HEART part 2 (by Abra Hunt)

…..CONTINUED….. In the reek fatted air half an hour later the door opens and a voice swills the grease between their teeth and spits out sweetened breath. WOMAN’S VOICE I’m home Vasil-eesa and I’m very hungry. I hope you’ve cooked … Continue reading

Willing to Dare Greatly (by Abra & Merle Hunt)

This gallery contains 12 photos.

Attempting to be creative in a day when we are pressurised to get onto the property ladder, take on a mortgage and struggle to pay back student debts along with the regular bills, is difficult and often demoralising. It’s easy … Continue reading

Finding an Illustrative Identity (by Merle Hunt)

While I was studying illustration at university it seemed imperative to find a Style…yep, with a big ol’ capital S. Those who had one felt they had reached the Holy Grail and were to be envied, while those who didn’t … Continue reading

What is Magic Realism? (by Merle Hunt)

A style of painting and literature in which fantastic or imaginary and often unsettling images or events are depicted in a sharply detailed, realistic manner.  As with all things, the dictionary succeeds in being concise and matter of fact when asked for the definition of Magic Realism. On this instance I was relieved to find just two neat lines on the subject when … Continue reading

Surrender (by Merle Hunt)

Do you know the feeling when you read something that is just so achingly beautiful that your heart swells to fill your whole chest? It’s the feeling I get when I read the undulating lines of Dylan Thomas’ play Under … Continue reading